We had done a site visit and met the owners, Sharon and Mike, 3 weeks previously. On our first visit I straight away saw a number of issues that were going to cause some difficulties. Sharon informed me that, they had had 2 other gate manufacturers visit and both said it wouldn’t be possible to fit an entrance gate to their entrance, as there was quite a rise on the driveway and because the driveway veered sharply to the right, immediately after passing the right hand side pier.

It had been suggested to fit a set of wrought iron entrance gates, and automate them out, instead of in. This is always a very last resort, as electric gates and electric gate systems are all designed to open in, for good reason. The main reason it doesn’t work, is that if someone drives up to your entrance gates it means they can not open out.

I proposed fitting a Cantilever Sliding Gate, with a Faac sliding gate system fitted to it. The cantilever Gate System does not require a track on the ground to run on,instead in runs on a system of wheel carriages,located behind one pier. It is ideal in a location where standard driveway entrance gates wont work.

While Sharon and Mike didn’t fully understand the mechanics of the cantilever gate system, they were relieved to hear that we had fitted many of these systems and that we would 100% stand over them.

We fitted and automated their electric sliding cantilever gate today. Everything went perfectly. We used the 24 volt Faac sliding gate motor and fitted a GSM Intercom and Keypad. The GSM Intercom allows the Client to answer the intercom from anywhere, worldwide, and also to control access to their gate. Sharon and Mike were delighted to return from work to find their new entrance gate not just fitted, but also the automation fully completed.
While they originally had some concerns about the possibility of ever getting a gate to work on their entrance, they were delighted that we had come up with the perfect solution. This is the benefit of using a gate company that has so much experience.

So on to our next job, another sliding gate, this time clad in wood effect Pvc, in Co Wexford.

I will post about it next week when we have it fitted, Thanks, Richie,