Steel Entrance Gates Installed in Co. Kilkenny

I called to them one evening and measured the existing entrance. As they were thinking of installing electric gates I had a look at their options for power supply and intercom cable access.

I then explained their options for either an underground or overground automation system. We only use  Faac automation systems, as we have found after 10 years of installing these,  they are by far the most reliable gate automation system on the market.

We then went through the design of the steel entrance gates  they had in mind. Pat and Carmel had a few ideas of their own, for wrought iron garden gates,which is something we always welcome.After looking through our album of gates, we were able  decide on the below set of steel gates.

The clients originally had wooden garden gates,but as everyone knows,our climate  is just not suited to wooden gates.Their original wooden entrance gates only lasted around 6 years.All our steel gates are hot dipped galvanised and rust free for at least 50 years.We have a range of solid gates in which we fit maintainence free, timber effect, p.v.c., in a galvanised frame.

I gave the clients a completion date of 2-3 weeks, and left to start work on their gates. We fit the gates and commission the gate automation system ( we always use a Faac System) all on the same day, so there is a minimum of fuss.

Pat and Carmel are delighted with their new gates and we are happy knowing we have 2 more satisfied clients. So, on to our next job a tricky automated cantilever gate in Co Tipperary. A Cantilever gate is a sliding gate that is mainly used for a wide entrance, or where there is a fall in the ground between the piers.

I will post about it next week when we have it fitted,  Richie,